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Share, connect,
and heal

The siento mobile app provides a safe and non-judgmental space for first responders and other individuals in high-stress industries, to share their feelings and struggles openly.

Paramedic Sitting In The Ambulance and Looks Sad
Two People Holding Hands Showing Support For Mental Wellness

We are starting a movement:
Join the paradigm shift in mental wellness.

The siento mobile app is an impactful mental wellness solution!



Users can post with the safety of anonymity, while still retaining a personal history of their activity.



Each siento user can view a feed of posts from the user community, and add supportive reactions to let them know that they are not alone in their struggles.



Posts are analyzed with our AI-driven infrastructure, giving you beautiful and insightful perspective on what you and the community are feeling.

This is a demo screen of app created by siento inc.

What our community has to say

I am excited that men struggling with their mental health will have a place to access resources and a path forward, that is right at their fingertips, when every moment counts.

Marty Ellis
10:16 man podcast

Podcaster and Firefighter Marty Ellis Testimonial

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FireFighters Working From The Ladder Truck AT A Fire
two people connecting about mental health and wellness for first responders and high stress professionals
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